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Metanoia- μετανοῖεν

Metanoia- μετανοῖεν

“Todos somos genios. Pero si juzgas a un pez por su capacidad de escalar árboles, vivirá toda su vida creyendo que es inútil.”


It’s April 15 - Are Your Taxes Done?

State-of-the-art systems at internalrevenueservice are waiting to process your returns!

While punch cards and tape drives seem archaic now, they were a “new dimension” in data processing and tax administration at the time of this IRS educational film, “Right on the Button,” from the late 1960s. 

Excerpted from “Right on the Button." From the series: Motion Picture Films, ca. 1960 - ca. 1970. Records of the Internal Revenue Service, 1791 - 2006.

Now, go finish those taxes!

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